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Primary Prevention Practitioner’s MISSION STATEMENT

Rod of Asclepius. Serpent-entwined, Staff of the Greek god associated with medicine & healing. I found this article moons ago and it so matched my Soul & what we are meant to do on this Earth as Wellness Workers that i adopted it to be my very own duty. The Mission statement of all Mission statements. THIS ARTICLE gives an accurate description as to why I AM a HEALER= Once upon a time, in the world’s ancient societies, understanding of the human condition was attributed primarily to Spirit; today, in developed nations around the globe, matter reigns supreme and yet the waves of our ancestors in the vein of the Spirit is coming back into play to work in harmony with matter. It is Primary Prevention Practitioner’s intention to swing the pendulum toward a greater balance and remind the collective consciousness: our world is not composed of Matter or Spirit, but Matter and Spirit. Seemingly disparate entities, they are actually two sides of one energetic spectrum that pervades the…

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