Moving and grooving

The flow to know is the ying yang balance.
flowing in the middle of this symbol is the sweetest hot spot
you will ever find. it is a fine place that holds a great deal of calm
and the kind of peace you can hear with your ears.
Recently i decided this is my favorite kind of peace.
the kind i can hear with my ears.

The line between these two places of ying and yang
is of the upmost importance. its where you find your balance.
see if you are too much in the ying
or too much in the yang you will have one reaction
or another that is very ying or very yang.
the key here is the eye of the storm.
to find a fine balance to not get overly excited about
the good of life nor the bad of life.
to not overly react or get riled up about either
is essentially the key.
this way the attracting waves of energy that follow one or the other
will not be tidal waves and will not rock your boat so much.
its hard to not react to things i can appreciate this.
that is why learning to balance is so very important.
like karate kid when he was asked to stand on a wood pole and
be a grasshopper.
the eye of the storm is the fine line between the ying and yang.
find your core in this. and do not get dramatic about the changes
and the things that life will throw at you. do not be overly anxious about
any of it. also do not get too too excited either. its like making your bath water
really hot or freezing cold. you would not sit still with either so again i say it in
a different way, find the balance. turn the taps and make your bathing water
more neutral and in the middle where you can relax and find comfort to soak.
where you can be moving and grooving and living the way that allows you
the most and best flows. to learn to feel peace with you ears you have to stop
drop and roll my friends. if you are constantly busting you ass in the rat race
you are not in the balance. if you are simmering on empty for the last years
how long do you think that will work? No, riding on empty is not good for your engine.
just as sitting in a bathtub full of freezing cold water is not enjoyable.
if you are careful to make sure your car has gas and your bath is warm
then let us find the path of least resistance and create a bridge for ourselves
to be grooving through the holidays for example where we are not effected
and instead are deflecting the effects of conformism and consumerism.
let us drink in the waters of discernment and feel good about not being reactive.
and gain sobriety to finance our tomorrows energy with todays positivity.
to drink in the eye of the storm.
keep movin and groovin my peeps.
see you on the flip side and all that jazz.
happy 2010~!


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