is 2011 is gonna ROCK!

So there once was a lady named Ayses...creating, finding, redefining, and all that jazz.
She found she needed to recreate once again the ways of which make AySes AySes.
So she went and put on her thinking cap and presto magic things just started to develop.
After a quiet time of reflection and watching with the passing of some key elements in the family tree we find AySes in 2011 doing a few real groovy things my friends.

First installment of 88 Praha is at Sonic Cafe for the month of March

Tuesdays at Detour AySes & Friends play some sweet music, a new twist on open mic.

Hideout opener, March 26th, here AySes opens the night at one of TORONTO's ROCK bars.

with more news to come and lots more in store!

 you want to catch her? please come visit this SUNDAY as she will be at SONIC CAFE with free prints to sign for the first 33 ppl :)  2-6pm  yeah for prezzies! sharing her latest collection called 88 Praha

yeah yeah yeah

for more information on our artist see;
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