Summer Fest SEASON :P

Its fun to play in the season of SUNSHINE. When looking at the options AySes is really excited to get into festivals for music, or art, there is just no telling what this year AySes is getting into so we will look at what AySes is up to all around the merry~go~round. ;) 
is where AySes works on her life long LOVE AFFAIR with MUSIC;
Presently starting her series called=

NEXT~ going over to her ARTISAN celebration we find AySes creating an UMBRELLA called Rrustic Casting~
Which has a few great lines~!
1st one is
called Sacred Chakra Stones;

Her 2nd line is called 
Pharoah Ferral Apparel; 
which is a collection of REFURBISHED BAGS,
& some of my ART prints tranfered onto clothing.

Reburbishing ol'Louis Vuittons is very OUTLANDISH perhaps, for some, but here at PFA 
is it AVANT~GARDE~! 

TO BOOK with AySes for CUSTOM work, or to inquire about any of these lines, or simply to share an experience with her please contact her either by email at
or by phone at 647-606-1896


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