*~We are Magik~*

Magik isn’t what we wear or what we drive.
Its not the status you hold or the money in or not in you bank.
Its about who you are, who you want to be.
If you have the power of BELIEF you hold the key to knowing

Take a Walk with me, JOIN me as we speak on things not of
The everyday….WALK with me.

To be an URBAN SHAMAN you are saying you wish to be
‘A Spiritual Activist’. You want to live  Spiritualism EVERY DAY within’.

As I am in my way coming into being as with Shamanism I am full of gratitude at the TEACHERS i have in my life, and the ones surely to come. I have a few notes and workshops I would love to share with you…what do you FEEL?

 "In Shamanism everyone is his or her own prophet, getting spiritual revelation directly from the highest sources...The Shaman is not trying only or mainly to achieve self-enlightenment. Shamanism is people directly helping others. It is a kind of SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM in which one works with the powers that connect human beings to the incredible power of the universe~ a work that involves journeying back and forth between realities. “Michael Harner

Have you heard about the Munay~Ri Rites? There were these people, the Earth Keepers, and they traveled and lived this Spiritual EVERYDAY’wear as a normal part of their life, and their people have spent lifetimes since before the LAST ICE AGE giving these RITES, & passing them down until we come to this day and AGE of ENLIGHTENMENT... We all have CHOICES TO MAKE, to get out of the clouds and SHAKE IT OFF, shake off the DISCONNECT. It is our choice towards Ascension as well as Dissension, so DO NOT LET THE WORLD GET YOU DOWN, what is happening in our world, BLATANTLY things are off kilter in so many obvious ways, POLITICALLY, SOCIALLY, ENVIRONMENTALLY...its a crazy storm that has been brewing for too long...What can we do in this AGE OF INFORMATION & MISINFORMATION? Its all a bit overwhelming at times, and truly the KEYS are RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. in fact the KEYS are all in YOU.


They are speaking in layers. It is not enough that you believe Magik Exist, YOU KNOW IT. Your thoughts and imagination, your ability to have FAITH, your WILL manifests all kind of amazing after affects.

We all GLEAM goodness off those we interact with, however we can also Gleam off the bad habits as well…That is where the old adage ‘be careful who your friends are’ came from. To be empowered by others is a very interesting dynamic I feel this in the world, we can lift one another up, or tear one another down...in the world dynamics i see today, in order to make us more submissive we have seen & felt the conditioning affects of being unwittingly a part of a giant experiment where our foods are having GMOS which clouds our pure intentions, clogging our bodies and causing all kinds of unwellness. And due to the very nature of everyone's genetics being different we are all having our own reactions so it is seemingly impossible to know why we are not as healthy as we should be, or why we are depressed, or feeling the DISCONNECT to the world around us.... we have many distractions going on in our world besides foods that keep us cloudy however….Let us just say that from my perspective I feel for the us all~! So this is why I have come up with some ideas, as well as found some amazing cultural Spiritual ways for us all to share.

How did I find myself to be at this place? To become a Wellness Worker I have had to travel many bridges. As surely as I will travel many many more. I have found that the Storytellers of old are some of the best secret keepers in the world. From there I have gleamed a great plethora of wisdom, as well as many other wondrous sources until I was satisfied that i have found all that was needed to present this to you. As for Magik….Magik has never stopped existing, we just simply need to be reminded of the facts that WE ARE MAGIK, and we can make our lives MAGIKAL EVERY DAY.

So please, stay tuned to the next stage of Lozen Lotus Love where I will be presenting for your pleasure a series of Workshops designed to get your moxi up, your CONNECTION HIGH, & your DISCONNECT low~! As it turns out staying connected with your CREATIVE POWER has never been a secret really, yet its been made to be hidden in plain site all this time. ;)

There is another saying; I am not specifically Christian Based. Having learned thru my Metaphysical Sciences WORLD RELIGIONS, however I try to use EXAMPLES that I feel many can relate to; ~What is the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled? Making you believe he didn’t exist. Well there is another part to that; If YOU are made in HIS image, and ALL IS OF HIM, then the Devil is of HIM as well and HE is you,  as you are in HIS IMAGE therefore we are all ONE.….what if I told you ~The greatest trick the 'Devil' ever pulled was making you forget that YOU ARE MAGIK? Yes you are, you were asleep to this fact, but that no longer has to be the case...the choice is up to you. YOUR CALL.  

Do you want to TAP BACK INTO THE FLOW? Do you want to feel more insight and purifications towards and about that which you WANT TO KNOW? Do you want to GROW out of your old self and REGAIN your BIRTH CLAIM
Well then, I know a place where the Fairies go, under the Bridge & over the valley, 
Its just A~TURN~KEY away… ;)

Stay Tuned; Munay-Ki Rites, Intensive Workshops that are altogether 14 weeks in total.
The frame of which you will be taught and transforming your own world with these powerful ANCIENT RITES and CLAIM your Birthright to become an EARTHKEEPER.
What say you? Click to LEARN MORE 



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