Happy 6 year Anniversary to Lozen Lotus Love

A Short note of LUV LUV LUV 
That i would like to share with all my beloved clients and 
those who have been so supportive to the growth 
of my clinic.
Lozen Lotus Love now experiences our 6 years
it's a Wellness Clinic in Toronto/North York Ontario that i have quietly been working on with much LUV LUV LUV.

Privately owned and run i bring a mixture of Metaphysical Sciences; Reiki, Sound therapy, Divination readings, Tuina~Cupping~Electro Stimulation, TCM inspired Crystal treatments, my own creations of the 5 elements rebalancing therapy, Spiritual Councel, Life coaching, Munay~Ki classes, Reiki Classes, & teaching with all of these aspects and services how one can translate wellness work into their every day.

Presently still working on completion of my night schooling of 2 degrees which i have been working on for the last 4 years;
1) Acupuncture TCM Degree
2) Metaphysical Sciences Doctrine
Upon completion i will have the honour of being titled 
Dr. Rev. Ay Ses, R.Ac 

My heart swells with such GRATITUDE for these days 
of the Present,
that give great inspiration
towards more 
great tomorrows.

I have not gotten here alone....i wish to acknowledge all who have given testimony to my path in life.
For no man/woman is an island...i LUV LUV LUV you all.
so may i present my Testimony Tree link for you to 
be a witness for yourself the HERSTORY i am been up to.

Blessed be to those with Eyes that See.
May abundance as well as LIGHT & LOVE
follow YOU & YOURS all thru 2015.
Celebrations all around~!!!
~A xo


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