Mandala Meditation Mats = Made to go~ On the go~!

Hello, my Sunshiny friends~ 
Welcome to another edition of creation with Lozen Lotus Love.
Introducing to you for your fancy is a what i have coined a 'Kit~Class'
Which is a mini Weekend Warrior Workshop.
Usually, those classes are in the full weekend category in terms of size.
but here we create and execute the 'Kit~Class' in 1 afternoon.
What we begin you finish at your leisure.

Once you have booked we will between us decide where to be.
Choosing COMMON GROUND is always a good idea when manifesting.
& Since this 'Kit~Class' is about Manifesting a Mandala Meditation Mat 
this seems appropriate, to say the least that we discover an adventure as to where
we might create such a feat.

the 'Kit~Class' includes your 'Mat~Canvas'
and the rudimentary drawing tools.
However, i always recommend if you have them to bring along 
items such as; permanent markers, acrylic paints, brushes, a bottle of water with a cap.
These are the best tools for this particular job.

I look forward to our celebration of creativity~! 
See you there~!



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