ACTIVE SERVICE = ACU~MENDING= Non~Invasive Vibrational Healing

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What is ACU~MENDING= Non~Invasive Vibrational Healing created by many moons of practice, and actively being involved in communities where there was a need for mending of the Spirit, that could compliment more invasive medicines.

This Medicinal quality therapeutic treatment has become a core Series of Treatments at Lozen Lotus Love Clinic. 

Using Ancient Daoist methods from 206 BCE from the Han Dynasty, & New~Age Empowerment Ay~Ses has achieved in developing a CAN DO, CAN HELP TREATMENTS.

At Lozen Lotus Love we offer this FORMAT of Treatment~therapy to ensure a more harmonized sense of Self for all who wish to partake and add it to their WELLNESS TEAM EFFORTS. 

To aid you in gifting some relief to your Wellness struggles by Utilizing "Traditional Chinese medicinal Philosophies" along with Flower Essences or Pure Essential Oils, 

( to learn more about our most recent service using

Flower Essences 

which we call Acu~Tincture

Gemstones, & or  Crystal Flowers, sometimes SOUND medicine is all depends on what is called for. For EACH AND EVERY PERSON IS UNIQUE= WHY SHOULD THE MEDICINAL FACTORS WE ADD TO OUR REGIME ALSO BE AS UNIQUE AS WE ARE?

 All done in an atmosphere of Mantras, Smudging, & Singing Bowls & ceremonial drums...

Come, Soothe your Fatigue, and find Renewal~! 



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