The Wellness Worker's Mantle

=This is what i am working with as one of the modern Healers; Using my Holistic Practice to Energize your frame of mind into a most Positive Hemisphere while simultaneously gaining your body's cooperation to shift into a better assemblage point where you find a better place to be . I am quite relative to a Life Coach and yet, i am MORE, much more. In the beginning i did not start out with this in mind per say, i started schooling and adding to my well of tools in order to nourish my skill set acquired thus far. My work is about helping not only enable the physical body through many terrains of imbalance and unwellness that obstacles in life can bring...My work also includes everything that is involving living all the way to fundamental basics how to, over into how to create a new template of understanding for the untreated traumas you have incurred in this lifetime, you name it i have collected a LIFE KEY. That is the way i look at it. And in order to UNLOCK our best path in life we can truly benefit for gaining good team mates who can share enduring LIFEKEYS... WHOLISM iS another Key that i will bring to the table IF YOU or as you help me help you unlock the best steps forward. YOUR CALL. Ready when you are but i cannot chase you for it. So if you do hire me = i respect you as you respect the world around you and that means "you can't get something from nothing" as the saying goes. This work is not easy but if you want to find your own balance again you may know that having company is sometimes the best remedy that can turn the tides to you reclaiming mobility.& No one is saying we can not make this journey alone. That being said the most brilliant ppl in the world enjoy the social nature of BRAINSTORMING as a collective, or sometimes on more personal matters to simply have a few different separate modalities of wellness to assist we can build what is known as a WELLNESS TEAM. I make an excellent WELLNESS WORKER & really LUV LUV LUV my job.THAT IS WHAT WE LIGHTWORKERS & WELLNESS WORKERS ARE DOING.

A PERSONAL CARE WELLNESS WORKER. & I know what is to struggle, suffer, & sacrifice for i have had to do the same myself. Therefore I OFFER YOU A BOON~ SHOULD YOU EVER NEED IT...or maybe you simply like to have a good wellness team member. Ready to answer all questions & offer a free 15-minute free assessment so we can make sure to get you the best fit possible. No one wants to waste time, and yet if we are going to invest in ourselves in order to have the kind of longevity we ultimately need/require= means that we must come to some sort of arrangement with our body THRU OUTREACH & EMPLOY SOME ASSISTANCE in order to care for OUR BODY WHICH IS OUR TEMPLE with all it's Basic needs to whatever level of care we need including RECOVERY & Prevention Practices= Medicinal Modalities of Integrative Complementary Treatments that can help us in conjunction with our other forms of taking care to ourselves.
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