the picture is linked to our fully functional new FUNDRAISER WEBSITE.
With our PLANNED SPRING AUCTION/SALE, INFO on our beloved Elephants, and WEEKLY UPDATES on all creations
coming out of the donations pile.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE; we have recently decided to also (as in "on top of " this spring auction) The entire previous collection currently ON SALE NOW will be DONATED to the same end result= TO ADOPT AS MANY ORPHAN ELEPHANTS AS POSSIBLE WITH ALL PROCEEDS. From both LET'S SAVE ELEPHANTS RRRewarding Spring Auction/Sale 2019, & ALSO from one of Ay Ses Dunya's PREVIOUS jewelry collections that she named;
you can check that out and start purchasing with all proceeds also going to our LET'S SAVE ELEPHANTS fund by clicking on our advert pic below


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