Bodysound healing form

BodySound Metaphysics Intake Form
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Name: __________________________________ Date of Birth: ____________________________ Current Holistic Providers: ___________________________________________________________ Referral source: __________________________ Do you have a Pacemaker? ________________ Current physical symptoms: _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Current emotional symptoms: ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Current spiritual practice(s): __________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Medications: ______________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Reason(s) for seeking a session: _____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ What do you hope to see or accomplish from using this Vibrational Healing method? _________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Do you believe in a higher power or Angels? _____________________________________________________
After reading the information below please sign and date this document. Thank you.

Usage Instructions and Disclaimers
BodySound intake form is used here as a basic information form for CASE STUDIES IN METAPHYSICS for NEW CLIENTS TO FILL OUT to give AySes a good starting point of where you are. As well as it is a sign in sheet for her BODYSOUND SESSION

It can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes. For instance, it can be used to help AySes Dunya find ways to help you relax and used to learn how to recreate a state of profound relaxation. It can be used to bring up emotional feelings and used to learn how to deal with your feelings. It can be used to facilitate spiritual and metaphysical experiences and used to progress along a spiritual path. Essentially, Metaphysics is a tool that can be used in many ways depending upon how you are instructed or choose to use it. AySes Dunya and her clinic Lozen Lotus Love swear to uphold your privacy in all information shared.


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