ChakraRock Album PRE-Release PREVIEW

winkwink...let's get to it my pretties... SMILES a little pre release treat for those who have been curious what i did for my lockdown downtime here in Ontario...making music via Kompoz with International Musicians is the way to make Music Medicine. We completed these here 7 songs we made into an album we call ChakraRock. Enjoy.
Click on each of the following links for each of the ChakraRock songs, lets begin with
Chakra 1, the Root Chakra... we call this song Elemental Ankh

Band for this album
Canda= Ay Ses Dunya on Singing/Songwriting
Spain=Alfredo Moyano on Guitar composition
Canada=Jesse Breakspear on Lead Guitar composition
Italy= Gabro Jazz on Keys composition
Canada= Murphy Murzello on Bass composition
Chile= Benja Ramirez on Drums composition
Sweden= Magnus Svanfeldt

... just the beginning....Soon we will be RELEASING this publicly via like all our previous songs.

STAY TUNED... SMILES and joy and happy dancing.


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