Who I am, Where I was background

Who I Am, Where I Was coffee table book
came to me as the second in my adventures as a entertainment writer. I am a poet. a muse. amused by my life enough to share it with you. the reflections are not always lovely, or sweet, but neither is the truth about comedy and tragedy. As with Comedy the hero lives, and with tragedy the hero dies. its about living a life that another can reflect on and say for example that they can relate. its about distinguishing between the facts of a misery you bore, and the misunderstood reflection of a lost soul you projected. la-ti-da.

This series of coffee table books looks at self reflection, with flare, and textures, and stimulating ideas! sheds keys of loving and learning. in scenes that i paint with my pen, and then we top it off with the eye candy i have brought out just for you. It is my sincerest wish that when you open my books you will see a kind soul that is willing to share and you will enjoy to sit awhile there. to be open i am finding as i grow is a very thing of mystery. To be open and honest, another. Yet still to be open and honest, candid, and carry it off with a boat full of visuals well you may find an audience yet. I hope to find that audience through the love of the theater. for if you can love an evening at the theater you will enjoy the experience of one of my books. and yet online will never do the experience full justice as you will not ever get the full feeling until you touch it for yourself.... :P

are you curious yet?
I am shopping for the right one to make this dream a reality.
the ingredients are almost all here.
now to start thinking from the finish line...


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