Who I Am, Where I was by AySes Dunya

A poem from my COFFEE TABLE BOOK found on SCRIBD.com CALLED:

The Great Divine
The witches brew
Who knew
My first taste of true
My first bridge to cross
The great divide
Without speaking the tongue
I have traveled before I come
Over this bridge I cross
The great divide
The mystery of Prague blows me away
Yet its so hard for me to say
Show me how to stay and cross this bridge
Of the great divide
Canadian Singer and artist I be
With a mission to succeed
As I try for to step across this bridge
Of the great divide
**the creative broght me here
I asked the universe to
Stay near
As I walk boldly across
To become one with
The great divine
Hoping in time
Will be
As I am apart
Of the great divine.


  1. if you click on the title Who I am, Where I be you will be taken to a slideshow of the visuals that will be in the book. an Art show soon to come...stay tuned.


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