How to on how to...

Love Love Love
all we need is love.
The song lyrics all talk of it.
the movies use it in most of their storylines
and every human is in love with the world of

Yet its not an easy task to get aligned with.
this thing called love.
its not an upgrade you can download online.
there are certain boundaries that are set.
many requirements met.
all the while as time rolls in the truth of things
becomes more evident.
Do you fear to allow love in?
fear that you will not know how to?
or do you dominate it?
make it do what you want it to do?
or banish it when it does not behave?

maybe you are in a very centered time, and have a LOVE so real,
so sweet that you feel like the richest person alive.
and your love is defined by the smiles you share with all those near. how to define this thing called love. we all have our own version, or want our customized version to be there for us.

I want to give it a solid form.
to see if it needs to be dressed.
i want to say i know what it is indefinately
without having to correct my definition,

how to know you have found it will depend on the flexibility of the
2 of you who share it.

how to know you have sincerely given it will show in how you are feeling right you feel full of light and love? because the first person you must love is yourself.

When was the last time you gave your entire body some love?
with a nice soaking bath and maybe a scented moisturizer...
the HOW TO on making love with you is full of taking care to your own needs, did you ever soak your feet after a hard day? with a cup of chamomile :p yeah for these small things that give grace to the worshiping of ourselves. that you can take a moment and give love to you at any given moment.


so if you have not done so yet today, find a person that means something to you today, right now. and tell them how wonderful they are. if they are near by give them kisses and hugs, if you are fighting ask for a truce and try to mend your brokenhearts.

we only live once in the world.
lets make the best of it!


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