The Time Warp

The winds of change are about me.
I have let my website go down for the moment.
i am changing a few things in my world.
lost a dearest one this month,
capturing the sparks of ingenuity that come with change.
all the things that bring us to a TIME WARP.
Currently the time lived in is more in the zone of California
however since i am living in Toronto
it would be a fair thing to say that my timing
is not entirely matching where i am living.

A new career is in the works.
and yet it is not so new at all.
appreciating your talents is a good thing.
acknowledging that which you always had
is a necessity.
otherwise why else did we gain such crafts?
The Time Warp i am presently in suggests i over look
that which i do not have,
and concentrate on what i do have.
Not to look at the worst case scenario
but to be open to THE NEXT BEST THING!

so as my friend Deja said i will continue to wear my balls
up front
and i will continue to be up front
in my pursuit for not only a measure of truth in all this
to also make amends for the lack of
personal support i should have given myself.
to correct that oversight and embrace the love that i am
as i am in pursuit of myself.
to become ALL
that I AM.


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