New beginnings, Renewed spaces, Tranquil places

The Ecostorm of 2009 took so many in Toronto by storm. It reeked havoc and devastated many small businesses and individuals alike. The fallout of it has yet to be settled as since then the last 3 years have yet to see a full recovery. However slowly but surely there is call to rise from the ashes for those Phoenix beings, some call us light-workers, some would say we are warriors, yet for those of us who have found the calling to become healers of others and the world around us i call us Earth ANGELS. :)

The storm took out my home, my business which was called Rrustic, my 3rd shop based in Kensington Market, and it took me down personally health wise. It was a hard and difficult challenge to get over so much loss. Yet i constantly reminded myself that there are greater and lesser then i and i did my best to carry on. Redefining my developing mind and researching my options i discovered i had already been in many ways  doing work as a healer for many many years. Even my last shop Rrustic which was a an artisan's dream studio of 2000 sq.ft. of antique furnishings that i recreated with my carpentry and upholstery skills, i was in the act of making efforts to get others around me, the world at large to use what they have, throw away less and took in client's stuff to renew, refurbish, recreate. I did not sell any new stuff. Even having a 25ft wall of trade all books,cds,dvds with any purchases going towards raising awareness of which was my favorite project that i had fundraised for a few times. The combination was rousing much interest and if it was not for the fact that for 8 months the whole city completely died out in terms of buying and selling within small businesses i would be there today. Yet the storms of life take us where we do not think we will go and life had a different plan for me. I am grateful now, even if it took me 3 years to finally see the light of the dark times it ensued into my private world as well.

So where are we at now?

Today i am proud to relay my projects are once again in full swing!!!
My private art studio is working on a really neat project i will share in the near future,
as well as starting with a great platform called The Bazaar of the Bizarre. Which is a collective of very talented and brilliant artists, this Christmas market show is called Frost Bite. I will be showcasing here my home decor and life styling line called Rrustic Casting; you can also go directly to their main site at

Also in combination with this space i pulled together  a small music corner for practicing and recording as well as a continuation of my private practice with my new career path discovery of being a healer. i have taken several courses; European Holistic Esthetics, gaining my Reiki Masters, as well as in the process of completing my Bachelors of my goal towards gaining a full Doctrine in Metaphysical Sciences. While awaiting the start of my Acupuncture schooling. With all that buzz its a wonder i sleep at all and yet there is time for all things that you put your mind to and there i am. With a great artist studio and Healer's space, ready to help others and recreate old into Rewarmed Renewed loves. Life is precious this is what i have come to understand. We must not stop in our dreams. in our loves, in our efforts to be the change we wish to see.

As a musician i have been as you can see very preoccupied, however we are looking towards maybe getting to my 6th official album since my last European tour with my 5th. The album will be titled 9 Lemon Puff Biscuits and it will surely become my best album by far. The world works in amazing and mysterious ways. I never before now knew i was capable of doing so much, and yet it is all a very natural desire to complete, to be myself i honour my path, my creations, my life. And in that journey i can share another really awesome development, i found the love of my life whom i married this August. With all this in my life its no wonder i am bursting at the seams with so much to be grateful for.

Here is my treat to you, some eye candy. a small tour of my working spaces;


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