Spring 2013, Home Grown Grounding

Working on things you love is not quite like working at at so they say.
Presently AySes is studying, growing, and developing her Arts in her quaint home
in North York~Willowdale, Ontario.

"Some friends i know and even my husband are surprised at times by all the projects i have going,
however as an artisan i have been developing myself professionally for over 10 years and it is important
to never EVER stop creating! EVERYDAY the focus is on GROWTH=GROUNDING."

Presently AySes is working on a fabulous new creative line called PHAROAH FERRAL APPAREL 
Its about being super creative and funky like this article found recently in FLARE:

The next project AySes has managed to pull out of her hat is an upgrade to her existing Private home clinic called LOZEN LOTUS LOVE where she uses her Reiki Masters degree to practice as well as offering 5 different Elements treatments. Here in this Flare Article on the NEW AGE NEW YOU we see that Alternative health care is not only the BIGGEST AND BEST TREND to hit the waves of HEALTH CONSCIOUS beings, it is also a leading reason why so many of our BABYBOOMERS are maintaining and aging  GRACEFULLY.

and when she is not creating or healing we find AySes planning her front, side, and backyard for the flowering season.


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