Finding a Glove that fits...

The function of finding a way to fit all that one does into a format that qualifies as being a PROFESSIONAL & SPECIALIST is of the upmost importance~!


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Wrapping my person around the handle of Dr. GOOD STUFF 647-465-1896
I believe i have found a way to incorporate all that i do as an ARTIST, HEALER, & HELPER. 
Its been a puzzle to know to wrap others around what i am and with so many ppl out there having a title and being a specialist in something I, Ay Ses Dunya, realized i am not an island and so i started the process of discerning my path. Focus will be on the arts thru RRustic Casting in RRR,  Metaphysics , and Holistic Health care

if you need help in RRR~> 
Metaphysics & Holistic Health care~>
choose your door and click on the link ;)


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