SEASON OF LOVE; Now LLL is open to Trade and/or Barter for treatment and services

Hello lovelies :)o(:

In the world of change, making waves of change for ourselves can be challenging.
One of the most important elements is to get ppl to come in whether they have a good cash flow for alternative treatments or not...but becuz of a lack of $$$ ppl can at times become embarrassed and shy to even speak up. Feeling in general that these services i offer are out of the practical and getting into the not-for-me kind of realm.

This is not so, in fact often times it is the ones who are the poorest that need healing the most. Think about that for a moment. It is those in dire need of a break, who are uploading oodles of stress and never able to slow down, who work 2 jobs and have no time for themselves...who at the end of the day have no patience or extra loot to really treat themselves as they hand over money to bills, family duties and responsibilities...and sure we all manage to get a bit of TLC work done, if we are lucky, but most times it gets very complex.

I have several solution IDEAS. aside from my CASE STUDY offerings, if there is among you some in need ppl, who do not mind light clinic duties i have decided to do a direct trade, or barter system, (if you have a trade or product for bartering time, SHOW n TELL what you have to bring to the table. EVEN MERCH. i can put in my clinic to sell to other clients works as TRADE & BARTER... OR maybe you prefer a Pay as you go situation; which will allow you to regularly get treatments in exchange for donated time in the clinic and around my space. TONS OF POSSIBILITIES.

This means nothing should stop you my friends, bottom line, if you need some help releasing pain either mental or physical, maybe i can help, but you will never know until you come in to try it... ;)

If you are interested please send me a message and we can discuss the finer details.

If you refer 2 ppl to me you get a 50% discount 1 session, and if you refer 4 ppl you get a 50% discount on 2 sessions. Bottom line is we are here to HELP~!

What do you think about this? FEEDBACK WELCOME~!
~See you on the flip side ~
LUV to LUV to LUV to know ya~! visit us at to learn more about our services and clinic space~!

P.s. there is a 15% discount on all Custom skin care product orders;
and or Bart and TRADE available here as well...
click on the pic to take you to
OrganicxNotionz, my own personal Skincare line
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