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Hello my Kindred spirits... HOW ARE YOU during this reopening=-ish of society.
Time to rework all that we have and not leave any valuable project in the dark so here for review and reintroducing to you are a list of ongoing projects Ay Ses is always plugging away at. as a Multitasker it is enjoyable for her to have many projects on the go, a very common aspect of her world, and yet she is not lacking in any area she is simply vibrating through her life organically and that is how she grows.

So while it may seem like a huge uptaking to do all these, believe me there is time and place for everything, and Ay Ses is a MULTICULTURAL & MULTITASKING Multidisciplinary Modalities Modern Shamanic Holistic for reals though. let's see what is on the menu;

Mandala Mat Making

ATAM= Acupressure Therapy Acu-Mending

Musical Therapy collaborations on KOMPOZ

Archives of Ay Ses' old BLOGTALKRADIO... something we may consider taking up again...

Dr.GoodStuff is an ongoing outreach line of work i am open to, no project to small or large;

Mz.AySes & her ONLINE READINGS for Metaphysical Divination time of Commune;


just to name a few...want to learn more about her ongoing HOLISTIC HEALTHCARE work?
there you will find her Temple of All-One, her Primary Prevention Practitioner Practice, as well as her 30 online services and classes AND DISTANCE ASSISTANCE for those in more remote parts of the world that need a WELLNESS DETECTIVE on their Wellness Team.

need to touch base? 647-465-1896 is the business line, but either leave a details TEXT message or Voice mail message= RANDOM CALLS WITHOUT MESSAGES WILL NOT BE CALLED BACK, who has time to chase ppl who are not clear as to their intentions. so if you reach out, be fair enough to share your details so i can approach you properly and together we can grow forward.



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