Testimonial Tree of MzAySes

This Testimonial Tree is the idea of making a Biography written from the observer's perspective...
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 just wanted to give a LUV LUV LUV shout out to all those who are contributing, or have contributed, and to those in the future who will come, and lend their kind voices to creating this outstanding and beautiful biographical tapestry i call my Testimonial Tree. I liken it to creating a BIOGRAPHY from & through other ppl's eyes. (with my special mentions of ppl i feel helped carve my character.) 
I am honoured to have meant something to each of you,  for your exchanges have changed me. For no one is an island. To empathize with you, to come to reflect with you, to inspire one another...blessed be to all that sweetness. As we all do enough shadow work, its humbling and endearing to come to know that within the darkness of your SOUL~SOIL can give birth to such a wondrous sight as a Testimonial Tree. Blessed be.

It sure feels lovely to feel loved, doesn't it? We have all of us so much to give, so for everyone of these sweet sentiments i feel like weeping with a deep joy that touches my heart...no really, i am mushy like that, more then ever before...because i am really just very thankful i could have given ppl winds of change, we all have our moments when we are not ourselves, and feel we need a hand~! May i always be a handy helper, and a good Wellness Worker~! 

         "For larger view of each thought shared by those i shared a connection with 'click the pic'"

Have you seen our Umbrella Mainframe page? I think AySes is building her very own 
ONLINE CYBER MANSION... kehehe....yop, all on GOOGLE ;) <~ "ok, you caught me." :P
Did you know that i LUV LUV LUV that you came by to visit? 


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